What are all these things?

  1. Monitor: The monitor is like your computer’s television. It’s the screen where you see everything – websites, photos, documents, and everything else you’re working on.
  2. Keyboard: This is your typing tool. It’s where you type in information, just like typing a text on your phone but with a lot more keys! Keys aren’t just for letters and numbers, but for commands too, like “Enter” to send information and “Backspace” to erase.
  3. Mouse: The mouse is your magic wand. You move it around on a flat surface, and it moves a little arrow on your monitor called a cursor. You can click on things with the cursor to select or move them.
  4. Computer Case or Tower: This is the big box that everything else plugs into. It’s the computer’s engine room where all the important parts, like the brain (processor) and memory, live.
  5. Speakers: These are your sound makers. When you play a video or music, the sound comes out of the speakers.
  6. Printer (Optional): Think of a printer as your personal publishing house. It takes the text or images from your computer and puts them onto paper.
  7. Webcam (Optional): This is your digital eye for video calls. It captures your video so you can chat face-to-face with people online.
  8. USB Ports: These are like little docks on your computer tower where you can plug in other devices, like a flash drive to store files, or your phone to charge it.
  9. Power Button: Just like turning a car on or off, this button powers your computer. It’s usually marked with a circle and a line in it.

Remember, every computer might look a little different, but they usually have most of these parts. Happy computing!